Our wealth of experience in project management, construction management and civil engineering, allows us to tailor our consultancy services to the commercial sector both precisely and effectively. Showcasing a portfolio that highlights a series of recognisable commercial projects in Australia, the team at GAC Projects Australia prides itself on being one of the most sought after agencies regarding all commercial endeavours.

Our services within the commercial sector concern themselves with quality management, project direction services, project coordination, demolition, asbestos removal, labour/material allocation, contract administration – to combat time, cost and quality issues, and value management.

The needs of commercial projects often require us to extend our primary position as project management consultants, and evaluate finances, litigation and quality management- through which we have implemented a Quality Assurance System.

At the backbone of our abundance of services in the commercial segment is a strong respect for Occupational Health and Safety, the environment and our clients. We strive to create a perfect balance between maximum work efficiency and safety assurance.