At GAC Projects Australia, we hold a reputation for continuous attention to, and study of all things project related. Whether this is through understanding project origins, designs, developments or evaluations, we’re committed towards knowing the project inside out in order to provide the best service possible.

We offer an extensive but detailed selection of consultancy services in various areas of Project and Construction management. These include;

 > Full Project Director / Manager & Construction Management Services
 > Contracts Administration Documentation and Management
 > Single point of contact between contractor/ builder and the client
 > Organisation of site investigation – including commissioning quantity surveyors and geotechnical consultants.
 > Assessment of existing developments in respect to current and future requirements
 > Project Superintendent
 > AS4000, AS2124 Extensive experience and knowledge
 > Heritage Building Experience and Knowledge
 > Organise preparation of Tender Documents and Contract
 > Tender review
 > Commission Planning advice, Land \Survey, Geo-Technical Reports
 > Preparation of Design Feasibility options consistent with project brief
 > Preparation and Organisation of DA to lodgement / liase with Council
 > Defects Inspections & Reports
 > Site Supervision
 > Charing of weekly / fortnightly meetings with builder / PCG Meeting and Reporting
 > Arbitration & Litigation
 > Tender Management
 > Tender Assessment
 > Managing of Project Budget
 > Management of Variations, Approval / Rejection of Payments
 > Managing of Project Delivery
 > Project Scope Management
 > OH&S Management and Audits
The team at GAC caters towards clients investing in real estate development, high-rise residential development, aged care facilities, civil engineering works, building refurbishment, commercial and industrial developments, demolition and soil remediation.

What sets GAC Projects Australia apart from other consultant agencies in terms of services is our proximity to the project. With managers on site alongside the director, we provide unlimited availability towards the needs of the work site. This approach allows us to establish strong project direction and effective management. We achieve this through: liaison and management with clients, chairing project design meetings, planning meetings, development of design options, creating design briefs, reviewing site planning, various evaluations, risk assessments and OH&S measures to name a few.
Feel free to contact us for further information on our project design methods and management strategies.