About Us

GAC Projects Australia is a well respected enterprise collaborating construction and project management consultancy. Manifesting over 30 years of combined experience in the industrial and commercial sectors, GAC has played a big part in shaping Australia’s real estate development, civil engineering, building refurbishment and demolition services. From its establishment in 1989, the entity has since flourished into an Australian construction industry icon. Whilst GAC’s main office is located in Bella Vista (NSW), the consultancy agency has sported several mammoth projects Australia wide in NSW, Queensland and the ACT. Such experience has seen the firm work alongside major brands including: the University of Sydney, Woolworths Supermarkets, Versatile Group, City West Housing, Aged Care Organisations and Westfield Construction Group. There is virtually no confines to what GAC can accomplish.

GAC Projects Australia is held together by a group of expert engineers, developers, managers and consultants – fully committed to providing clients with unparalleled performance in management consultancy. With collective experience in project management, auditing, finance, dispute resolutions and supervision, GAC’s relentless ambition makes it a leader amongst competitors. Driven by an unyielding determination to succeed, GAC Projects Australia excels regardless of what size or how challenging the project may be. Whilst GAC’s services are heavily concerned with consultancy management, the team also shadows project planning, evaluations, reporting, briefing, risk management and quality control just as effectively.

Unlike most competitors, GAC Projects Australia practices a “hands on” approach to their operations, and as such, attaches itself as much as possible to any given project. Donning a leadership system where directors and project managers are readily available for consultation on site, the company’s constant commitment and respect to both clients and the workplace is unmatched.

As a corporation closely affiliated with the Australian Institute of Engineers and the Australian Institute of Building, GAC employs strict adherence to Australian workplace and safety standards. Harnessing facilities specifically assigned to site and safety management means that the team offers safety compliance bar none, without any sacrifice to work productivity.

The key to GAC Projects Australia’s success lies in the efficiency and passion of the team that strengthens it. With methodologies that are proficient and innovative, it’s no wonder why Australian’s choose GAC for their consultancy needs.