Our Team

George Abraham – Director

Whilst the GAC Projects Australia framework is built up by a team of project managers, senior project managers and qualified QS officers, its success over the last 35 years has been steered predominantly by its principal and founder; George Abraham

Single-handedly contributing over 35 years of experience in project/construction management, planning contract administration, finance, arbitration, and supervision, George Abraham is responsible for piecing the projects together.

As a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia and Australian Institute of Building, George Abraham invests his wealth of experience and qualifications into everything that is GAC Projects Australia

Joseph Abraham – Senior Project Manager

Combining theoretical studies in Construction Management with a wealth of industry experience, Joseph is well equipped to handle the growing demands of modern project management. His multifaceted skill set includes a marked ability to manage all aspects of a project including: design, costing, planning, servicing and timing.

Joseph holds over 13 years’ building construction and project management experience, with a proven track record for delivering innovative and effective solutions on-time and within budget.

He has developed and constructed many residential and commercial projects, including the project management and co-ordination of over 1000 Supermarket stores Nationally for Woolworths Limited & BIG W.

JAMES CHONG – SENIOR Project Manager

James joined GAC Projects Australia in 2012 and brings with him over 20 years’ experience in Project Management, Site Supervision, Estimating, Quality Control and Project Delivery.

James’ knowledge and experience within Aged Care developments and refurbishments is demonstrated by his history of successfully completed projects. These projects range from major refurbishments to new developments of value between $10M – $51M.


Commencing his Construction Administration role with the firm in 2015 as an undergraduate, Christopher has since completed his Degree in Construction Management.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in finance and business along with his Degree in Construction Management, Christopher has assisted our team and Project Managers in delivering a variety of projects including Aged Care Refurbishments &Developments alongside Supermarket renewals and upgrades.

DAVID LIN – Project Manager

David brings over 15 years of Aged Care & Neighbourhood Shopping Centre experiences to GAC. Since joining GAC Projects in 2014, David continues his proven track record as client side Project Manager, in the delivery of Aged Care Projects varying in size from $0.1 to $15M from concept design to completion, David has assisted the Director with the Project Management of the Refurbishment of a major Shopping Centre in Queensland in 2017.