Aged Care / Senior Living

GAC Projects Australia has been working with Aged Care / Senior Living for over a decade and has provided a professional and proficient service over this time. During this period GAC Projects Australia has completed numerous projects including the Project and Construction Management of new Aged Care facilities and the Refurbishment of existing facilities in both NSW and Regional NSW.

The team at GAC Projects Australia has first-hand experience in completing Aged Care / Senior Living facilities which have been occupied throughout the duration of the project. These projects include;

 > Fire Sprinkler upgrades to Aged Care/ Senior Living facilities around NSW & ACT
 > Internal Refurbishment of Senior Living / Housing sites
 > External and Internal upgrade to Aged Care/ Senior Living site
 > Additions and Extensions to existing Aged Care / Senior Living site

In addition to completing projects which have been occupied during construction works, GAC Projects Australia also has extensive experience and knowledge in managing large numbers of medium value projects for Aged Care / Senior Living which consists of the; Installation of 8 Fire Sprinklers upgrades in Aged Care/ Senior Living/ Housing facilities simultaneously.